Affirmative Action Compliance:

Rainbow Neon Sign represents that it has developed and has on file appropriate establishment affirmative action plans and supporting programs by the rules and regulations of the Secretary of Labor.  (41 CFR 60-1 and 60-2)

Rainbow Neon Sign certifies that its facility is non-segregated.


Equal Employment Opportunity Reporting Compliance:

Rainbow Neon Sign certifies that it does not engage in discriminatory employment practices.


Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. Origination Information:                               

Type of Business: Corporation                                    Business Size: Medium, Multiple Buildings                                                                                                                                                  

Place of Organization: South Carolina                         Date of Organization: 1946


Description of Services Provided by Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc.:

As one of the largest custom sign manufacturers in the South East United States, Rainbow Neon sign offers diversity with the ability to custom design and custom fabricate most any type of sign. Rainbow Neon Sign manufactures signs of all different types of dimensions, shapes and sizes with multiple mixtures of materials and capabilities.

We specialize in both Interior and Exterior Signage and either illuminated or non-illuminated. We offer signage made from plastics, “Panaflex”, metal, wood and foam board, Neon or a mixture. We also offer molded plastic or metal letters for interior or the exterior of your building.

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc.’s client base is not limited and we have customers as large Retail accounts to smaller church accounts. We manufacture signage for all and any type of business.

We also are one of the few companies who create neon signs or neon mixtures and offer repairs on your collectable signs.

In this fast paced world, the new market trend in signage is LED message boards with software which we also offer in various sizes.

Rainbow Neon Sign has a professional team of graphic designers that can custom design a new logo or design your sign with your registered logo to meet specification and satisfaction. Our staff includes artists with masters in fine arts.

We have a professional team of installers who travel across the southeast to ensure that all your signs are handled with care to offer you proper installation per our strict guidelines.

Our Sales staff ensures that all permits and license are obtained and that the customer receives complete satisfaction. A list of salesmen that can assist you is on this website under CEO and Business Development-Marketing Staff.

Accreditation Information:

Our illuminated signs are safely made and carry the UL certification label.

Rainbow Neon Sign Company products are Code and UL Electric certified.

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. is OSHA compliant.

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. is a registered member of Dunn & Bradstreet # 00-334-5840

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. is insured and bonded.

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. maintains a regulated safety program.

We are a member of the Greenwood, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

We are a member of the Electric Sign Association.

The owner, James B. Harmon is the winner of the 2015 Duke Energy Citizenship and Service Award.

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. is certified with the North Carolina State Board of Electrical Contractors.

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. employees are all protected with workman’s compensation insurance. Rainbow Neon Sign has one of the lowest incident rates in the country.

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. has and continues to support the community’s select charitable organizations.

Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc.  FEIN # 57-0292861     Rainbow Erector Inc. FEIN # 57-0840461


Bank Details:

Financial information will be offered to new large retail accounts upon administrative approval.

Any inquiries for financial information and or certificates of liability may be sent to Rebecca Rudolph’s attention:

Email: rrudolph@rainbowsignsinc.com

If you have any further questions, please contact our Accounting team at 864-223-8423 ext. 101.

The bulk of our work is done in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia but if your project is feasible to warrant contract acceptance anywhere in the South East we will be happy to serve your signage needs.

Payment Terms: Net 30 days plus 1.5% on past due invoices unless stated otherwise in our contract. All sales tax exemption organizations must provide a tax exemption certificate to our accountant in order to remove sales tax from their invoices.


Rainbow Neon Sign Co., Inc. has a commitment to manage all their affairs with integrity and independence. All employee’s that act on Rainbow Neon Sign’s behalf are required to comply with the highest ethical standards when conducting business and must comply with Rainbow Neon Sign’s policies. The owner’s motto is” Everything needs to be done to perfection and with safety and good quality in mind. He wants products manufactured and erected as if it were made for his personal use.”